I got my black cabby and I'm sad.

  1. I thought it was going to be a little bigger, I got the MM size, my stuff barley fits, weird the mini lin speddy holds more. I feel when I put my stuff in it , it gets smaller, weird I know. I'm depressed I was so excited for this bag and now I dont know. It looks ok when I hardly put any of my stuff in it. I'm just not in love like I thought I was, and now I feel bad almost guilty. I should love this bag, lol . Maybe I need the gm , who knows If it was a few inches larger I would be happy!!! rolf haha . Oh bag depression, I must be insane,I'm feeling let down. My friends would think I was totaly nutts, well they do , but I cant share the fact I spent 1500 on a denim bag and now I'm not totally happy. Oh what to do. I wanted to love this. I wanna return it, yet I'm scared. I need to relax.:rolleyes:
  2. If you're not happy with it you need to return it...get the GM and see how you feel. If you're still not in love with the GM then give it a few days and see...
  3. exchange for the GM.
  4. I figured out what it is, the bag makes me look fat. Now I am really insane.And sad:crybaby:. When I tryed it on at the store back in first week of July I was thinner. :crybaby:Im so sad about this.
  5. ^ agree, maybe you just expected too much... see how the GM is gonna make you feel... I also agree with you, spending that much on an bag.. you should be jumping for joy and a smile from ear to ear for at least a month!
    Give it time!
  6. Go exchange it for the gm! Dont spend that kinda money on a bag you dont love :yes:
  7. sjunky13, I would gladly take it off your hands for you...:nuts: I'm debating on whether to get the Speedy 30 or the black Cabby MM as we speak. See I don't carry a lot of stuff so I think the MM size would be better for me. Hope you end up with what you really want! Good luck with your decision, I know I need it for mine!
  8. You have to be comfortable with your decission ... if you think you need it a little bigger, then yes definitely exchange for GM. I agree with "karman" ... give it a few days ... by then you'll definitely know what you want. Either one, that style is gorgeous and tdf. Good luck!
  9. can you go to the store and try on the GM size? even if they don't have it in black, you can always try the blue one on for size.
  10. E lux has the Black MM right now~ why don't you order it, have both and then make a decision? I did that with the amarante brentwood/houston. It was the best thing for me to do to make an educated decision.

    Do not worry about the weight...just look at see if you like how the bag fits etc..

    Trust me~ I am preggie and have gained over 40 lbs. So...It is how I feel about the bag that counts LOL!~
  11. i just bought my gm yesterday and was surprised that it wasn't big at all...i would consider it a medium large bag. the mm was surprisingly way too small for me also. i didn't even give it a seconds notice.

    i'd exchange for the gm!
  12. I know what you mean about the black Neo Cabby MM not being roomy as you had thought. I had to try on the GM size instead which worked better for me. When I'm ready to get a black denim bag, I will mostly likely chose the GM over the MM size unless LV has other styles available later on.

    If you don't feel totally in love with this bag and you are having second thoughts, then it seems you'll be happier if you returned the MM and get a different size or different bag that you truly love.

    Good luck!!
  13. I put a purseket in mine. It helps to have some pockets to put stuff in...don't know if that will make a difference. If you're not in love, then return it. Try on the GM...it might be perfect for you!
  14. Try the GM. You need to be happy with your purchase.
  15. Return it if you are not happy with it.