I got my BIRKIN finally *PIC*

  1. I finally got my first birkin during travel last month. :yahoo:

    I am no longer birkinless. YAY!!!!!!!

    Passing my Hermes vibes to those who needs it.
  2. Yay!! Many congratulations!! Rub the good luck on me :smile:
  3. Congrats!!! More details please!
  4. :wlae::wlae: YAY!!!!!!!! :wlae::wlae:
  5. congrats. can't wait to hear the details and see the pics
  6. :wlae::wlae:YAY AGAIN!!!!!! :graucho:

    can't find orange colour
  7. :choochoo: I contemplated for a long time whether to share or not my new :heart: after Vlad posted that thread.

    So I've decided to just share with you this.


    ETA: Spelling error
  8. Oh, you tease!!! Love the pic, what's in the bag???
  9. What's in that big orange bag?
    Show us!!!:yahoo:
  10. Oh Queenie...no way! Spill, spill, spilll.....
  11. Congrats!!! Please tell us what you got! Color, leather, size?
  12. Congratulations!!!! C,mon at least tell us a color , a leather..something!!!
    YAY for you!!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  13. Who am I kidding? :p Alright, here're the pictures.

  14. ^^^ :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  15. I have to go to bed soon...hurry!