I got my BG work but I am disappointed...are U?

  1. Hello Ladies,

    I just got my 08 Bubblegum work but I am pretty disappointed with the quality of the leather. Do you have the same problem?

    I have a 06 blue day, 06 grenet work and 07 ocean SGH part time. The leather on these bags are amazing. Thick, distressed, very soft to touch and great quality. They are what Balenciaga is about..
    But when I received my BG work, I was a little disappointed. The color is beautiful, but the leather is not as thick as my grenet work. The leather is not as soft to touch as my Ocean part time. In fact, the leather is stiff.
    What should I do in this case??

    I went to NM and checkout more bubblegum they have and they are all the same. Not the same leather quality as my other balenciaga bags... :confused1::crybaby:

    I really want the 08 SKY BLUE WORK, that is going to be my HG.. But I am afraid the leather is just not as good... :sad:

    Will an Apple conditioner help a little?
  2. If I spent $1350 on a bag that disappointed me, I would very likely return it and find something I loved.

    Good luck :flowers:
  3. I think that you should return it and find one that you love. That's too much money to spend on a bag that you're not happy with. I know some BG's have incredible leather because I was more impressed with the leather than the color. I've also seen some other gorgeous BG's on here posted by other girls. Find one with great leather and you will love it.:yes:
  4. Return it
  5. I also say return it. I have a few bags that I was on the fence about (keeping or not) and now I am kind of stuck. You will find your dream bag!!
  6. Return it. It's all about the leather w/bbags.
  7. Hi ladies!

    Some 08 Bbags has a horrible leather, as a lot of magenta .I have required a magenta one with a soft,not veiny,not dry leather.I don't want to run risks!:sweatdrop:
    If you aren' t satisfied you return the bag ,and choose what you like of more:yes:
  8. The bg city I recently received has amazing leather, not dry at all. I think a lot have people are starting to comment that the leather for '08 seems dry. Send it back, let us know what you do. I am so sorry for your dissapointment.
  9. Oh No, i have the most wonderful BG 08 the leather is just like my RT 05, when i was in the shop they showed a magenta that looked like it had been sun bathing in the desert for a month! but just so you know there are some lovely 08s! Good luck!
  10. I think there weren't very many "bad" leather 2007 bags, but 2008 so far isn't turning out that way. If you love the color but not the leather, return it and keep looking. There are some BG bags with really nice leather out there. Finding a nice Magenta seems to be more of a chore. I've seen great and bad VT and Sahara. I really hope EB isn't dry and veiny.
  11. I agree with most of the responses here: Return it if you're not satisfied.
  12. Yep, return it if you don't like the leather. It's all about the texture of the leather for me, although I must admit that I wasn't too impressed with my Grenat Work when I first received her. But she broke into this chewy, soft, perfectly distressed puddle of leather...so I wonder if the same thing could happen to your BG?
  13. Agree to all f the above. Return t if you do not love it.. Sorry..
  14. I agree that you should return it and find one that you love. I saw a lot of 08 Magenta City bags that were all extremely disappointing in terms of the leather. Not only were they dry but the leather was mismatched on on bags: the front of the bag veiny & the back with smooth leather, split tassels. Just all around disappointing to me.
  15. Yeah, I'd return it as well. You have to be happy with your purchase, hope you find one to your liking ... good luck!