I got my bday present!!!

  1. My bday isn't till april 22 but my bf got me a present already. We went to the gucci boutique and came home with this...


    I took a pic but since I took it with my camera phone, the quality isnt that good.

    I originally wanted to get the new britt hobo or a tote but bf said this looks a lot better. Well, of course... with that price difference!

    The handles are kind of short but still fits my arm. I wished it was a little longer. The SA told me the handles will get longer with use. Anyone with the pelham can verify that?
  2. LOVE IT!! So envious of you!! I'm waiting till May to purchase mine.
  3. Wear it in good health!!!
  4. Nice... What a wonderful birthday present!
  5. it's gorgeous, congrats and happy birthday!
  6. Congrats and Happy Bday in advance! :yahoo:
  7. Congratulations! Is it the small? I have the small Pelham bag too! The handles were stiff at first but it did loosen up some. It fits better on the shoulder when there's stuff in it.
  8. yes, it's the small size.
  9. I have the large one so it fits on my shoulder but the leather handle will get less stiff after a while.
  10. Happy Bday!!!! Congrats on the great gift!! Its very pretty
  11. What a wonderful birthday present! Happy birthday!
  12. It's lovely! I do not own that bag so I'm not sure about the handles stretching with use.
  13. the pelham is great. congrats and happy birthday.
  14. congrats and happy b-day! :yahoo:
  15. that is so pretty. happy birthday!