I Got My Balencaiga Bag!! Frenchblue!!

  1. Finally got my frenchblue bag, but now i don't know if i want to keep it :sad: It's the work size and I'm so not use to the big bag.

    I cannot return it (final sale), what can I do if I decide not to keep it?
  2. French Blue is such a pretty color. It's even better on sale! Keep it, if not, then sell it on eBay!
  3. I want to love it, it's soooooooo beautiful!! it's just so big!! maybe i need to get use ot it!

  4. Oh I can just imagine how georgous it is!! Post pics please!! you can always sell it on eBay or here if you have been here long enough to get into the market place but by the looks of it you probably havent? I haven't :sad: counting the posts! LOL
  5. sell it, of course! there's probably a hundred people on this forum alone who would buy it in a snap! :yes:
  6. Hey, I love the color and the size...if u are not used to big bag, u probably can consider to sell it eBay if that is ur last resort........:smile:
  7. thanks for everyone's opinions... really needed it!
    I want it, but think i won't use it... ohhh the decisions!!

    I'll post some picturse too!! hehe

  8. Yes! Pictures PRONTO!! :yes: FB Work should sell on Ebay in a SNAP for sure!!! :graucho:
  9. I think you should at least give it a chance. Keep it for a few weeks or a month and make it a point to take her out for a spin a few times. If you still can't come around to the size, then sell her on ebay.
  10. I just got a FB afternoon and I kind of feel the same way. It makes me feel really conspicuous, KWIM? I haven't ever used it....but I'm hanging on to it for a while.

    I usually need a little time (at least a week) before I decide whether or not to sell something. Otherwise I have terrible seller's remorse and end up buying the same bag again later! LOL!
  11. Y'all both bought really big bags, so I'm not surprised that you might feel a little conspicuous ... but I'd like to see pics of you wearing them ... :yes:
  12. I love the FB color a lot, but I haven't been able to pull the trigger on buying a bag because I was worried I would feel overwhelmed (or too conspicuous) when carrying it. Instead, I have decided to get the color in an accessory. It will allow me to have splash of FB.

    Overall, if you won't carry the bag, sell it. There should be good demand.
  13. Work is a nice size specially for skinny people. It makes them look "model-esque" ;)IMO
  14. OH please do post pics ..i'D love to see a frenchblue work...
  15. I agree, try it out!! You may just love it!!