I got my azur speedy!

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  1. :yahoo: YAY! I just got back from LV at Ala Moana with my azur speedy 25 (EARLY birthday present to myself). The 25 was $575 and the 30 is $595 so I guess in Hawaii prices are still cheaper. I was in between the 25 and 30 (since this is my first speedy) but I chose the 25 since it was cuter even my bf thought so. I think maybe I should've just got the 30 since it was the price I expected to pay, but oh well still love it! (Surprising the SAs were actually helpful today! haha)

    I'll post pics later when I go home. :yes:
  2. Yay congrats and happy early birthday! :biggrin:
  3. congrats on a great bag.....

    and advanced happy birthday.....
  4. ^thanks guys my birthday is not til the 30th though lol. it's a REALLY EARLY present.

    pics..mind the home clothes haha. oh sorry the bag isn't nice in the second pic I took out the bag and tried to take it real fast at my bf's house before he thinks I'm crazy taking pics of a bag
    DSC01137.JPG DSC01143.JPG DSC01142.JPG
  5. It's gorgeous! Congrats.
  6. congrats! that's cute..
  7. 00o cute cute!!! :nuts: i just think the 25 size is CUTE!!!

    congrats on the Speedy and HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY WISHES!!! :yahoo:
  8. pretty!!! oh congrats!!! :smile:
  9. Looks great! I have to wait until after xmas to get mine. Happy early early bday! :balloon: :party:
  10. Ooh, congrats! :smile: I was thinking speedy, then pochette after seeing it in person this weekend, now I want the cabas plage!!
  11. Congrats on your new purchase:love:
  12. its sooooooo cute ^o^... congrats!!
    i just got mine yesterday.. its a gorgeous isn't it?
  13. Congratulations! Lovely lovely lovely! The 25 looks perfect on you! Early happy birthday too!
  14. ntep: yeah I saw yours in the other thread. I love this line! I love your pastilles on the bag.

    thanks everyone :flowers:
  15. :nuts: Congrats!!!! Looks great on you:love:
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