I got my ali!! pics!!

  1. Well, I did the big debate on the sig ali or the carly, decided to keep the carly and then had issues with that, anyway, I bought an ali and I absolutely love her!! I found her on eBay, She is beautiful and brown!! :heart:Previously loved and just adds to the vintage look. Even better, it ended up being from a fellow tpf'er!! She is sooo comfortable and rich and soft, I just adore her, just had to share!! Thanks for looking!!! :tup:

  2. what a beauty, i really want the whiskey shoulder bag and this ali in white. you have convinced me to save my money!
  3. She's BEAUTIFUL...although I am biased. Of all the Legacy colors, I predict this color will age/patina the best. Coach's website version of whiskey is gorgeous, but in person, the brown truly has more character and that "two-tone" (hard to describe what I mean, here)thing going on...how I expected whiskey would look based on the website pic.

    Enjoy your gorgeous new addition!
  4. yummy - good choice!!!
  5. thanks ladies!! Sorry for the HUGE pics, I still have to figure that out.. :confused1: Anyway, if anyone has been considering the ali.. run, don't walk to the nearest coach store!!! :yahoo: It is beautiful, perfect and comfortable!!!

  6. I absolutely LOVE the color brown.. I like the whiskey a lot too, but the ones I personally have seen have been really orangey.. I am a huge brown fan, this bag reminds me of an old bomber jacket.. and it smells and feels scrumptious! I don't know that the scratches rub off as easily, but I think it looks very vintage and cool!! I love it!!
  7. Your brown Ali is gorgeous!! So vintage looking too!! You wear her well! Congrats on your outstanding purchase!
  8. Beautiful, beautiful Ali! She's just one of the most perfect bags I've ever seen.

  9. Looks so pretty- love the color
  10. :tender:Oh Ali!
  11. Thank you guys so much for all the compliments!! I just can't remember life before she was in it!!! Lol
  12. ONCE AGAIN, SHE IS GORGEOUS!!!!! I love your new avatar too!!!! Congrats and ENJOY her!!!!!
  13. Gorgeous bag! :drool: She looks great on you! :tup:
  14. It looks so soft and squishy, I love it!
  15. very nice! Congrats! :smile: