I got my ali hobo! + collection

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  1. It's still stuffed up because i'm not sure if I'm allowed to keep it! (employees may know why :/) So I have to keep it all stuffed and I can't use it until I get the word that I can. :crybaby:Butttt that didn't stop me from taking pictures of it! It's so amazing and I can't wait to get the wristlet and a million other things from this collection.


    Collection! It seems so small! But I'm missing my tortoise samantha sunglasses and a pair of shoes :smile:

  2. That bag is gorgeous! It's like a throwback to the Station bag era. I love the stripe interior and the front pocket. (Is there a back pocket too?) Now I want one! :drool:

    Great collection - I really like your vintage carryall! Thanks for sharing!
    (I have to put up pictures of my collection too one day, just have to find a moment to upload pics.)

  3. bearonica- It doesn't have a back pocket BUTTTTT it does have two little rings on the side that seem like they would be used to add a long strap to (besides decoration).

    It was my first non-impulse handbag buy too! The other two (legacy shoulder + Vintage carryall) were returned to my store and I had been eyeing them and had to grab them since both weren't able to order anymore! I love my small collection :wlae:
  4. Great collection! I'm thinking of picking the Ali up in whiskey next week.
  5. So pretty! That would be so mean if you didn't get to keep it! :sad: It is gorgeous.
  6. I mean, I could keep it! But we're not sure if we're technically allowed to get our discount on it even though it's ringing that way so if I wanted I could return it and buy it back at full price :sad:
  7. :yes: It does look like an 'updated' station bag..I have one & I love it! It will last for ever! (Just moisturize and keep it in the dust bag when not in use!) Congrats!! :heart: Emmy
  8. absolutely fabulous!! :yahoo: You will look so stunning when you do get to use it!! ENJOY!
  9. Actually! This collection is a vintage leather and doesn't recommend cleaner/moisterizer. It's basically if you get scratches- rub them out with your fingers/natural oils in your hands. I wish they didn't do this! But the leather is gorgeoussss.

  10. Gorgeous bag!!! i really hope you get to keep it.
  11. The bags are all really pretty! Congrats!:yes:
  12. Beautiful!
  13. I LOVE your collection! And the stripe is just GORGEOUS!
  14. I love it! The stripes inside are so pretty and the bag looks so classy.
  15. Fabulous collection!! :smile: