I got my Alexander McQueen Sandles

  1. I have just received my A. McQueen sandles from NAP, what do you think. I got them on sale, thanks to Chloe_Babe telling me to wait for the sales :yahoo:.

    They have python inserts in the shoes, but some of the pictures are showing this white when its a biscuit colour. They are quite comfortable as very wide and not a lot to them, they do hurt the ball of one of my feet so think I need those gel pads.
    138_3852.JPG 138_3856.JPG 138_3859.JPG 138_3862.JPG
  2. I really like them! Congrats on getting them on sale!
  3. i like them too~~
  4. Thanks ladies, glad you like the shoes.
  5. Hot shoes!
  6. hello hottie! :smile:
  7. They are beautiful Saich, really really lovely! Now what bag have you planned to wear with them ;)
  8. Love those shoes!
  9. hot like fiah