I got my 3 new things **pics**

  1. hi guys, just got these 3 new things in sept, enjoy the pictures...

    first i got green mini signature wristlet, my 1st Coach wristlet, i will use it as wallet or cosmetic bag
    T1.jpg T2.jpg T3.jpg T4.jpg T5.jpg
  2. 2nd ....
  3. 2nd i got the gold color keyholder, very gorgeous piece :tup:
    T6.jpg T7.jpg T8.jpg
  4. some modeling pictures...
    T9.jpg T10.jpg T11.jpg
  5. whats inside my Coach bag today...with the new comers...
    T12.jpg T13.jpg T14.jpg
  6. 3rd thing i got is ...... new cellphone sony ericsson S500i, gold color...:tup:with my DIY cellphone strap and my favorite Doraemon theme:heart:
    T15.jpg T16.jpg T17.jpg
  7. Very cool!!! Love all of your new stuff! Congrats!!!
  8. Wow I love all your new stuff:tup:
  9. GREAT stuff!!!! ENJOY!!!!
  10. Love the keyholder - is that from the outlets? pretty!
  11. Love the phone :smile: Can't wait to get the W580i from Cingular when it becomes available. :tup:
  12. Cute new stuff! I like the gold phone, I don't think we have that here!
  13. Cute stuff!! I love the gold lurex keyholder!!
  14. i bought it from eBay. really love the color and the signature is special:tup:
  15. me too, really special and trendy :tup: