I got my 2nd twiggy in natural!!! LOVE IT!!

  1. I have anthracite already which I LOVE and wanted something that was a nice neutral. I was at Barneys today and the white first looked so pretty against me that I new that I would probably want the twiggy in natural.

    I picked it up from BalNY today. The sa was kind enough to pick out the most slouchy one since they did vary.

    I LOVE IT. The dark hardware against it looks fab.

    I'm feeling good:wlae:

    Note: the pics on me looks unusually bright white. Its definitely more of a natural/off white colour like the other shots. I have to say though, seeing the unusually bright white on me gives you an idea how a twiggy in white (as opposed to natural) looks! lol!!!

    I definitely think natural is far softer and more flattering. LOVE!!! :yes:
    DSC02950.jpg DSC02951.jpg DSC02960.jpg DSC02952.jpg DSC02958.jpg
  2. It looks great on you! Love it!:love:Congrats!:yes:
  3. congrats!!
    love your new twiggy!

    btw - i also love your top - who makes it?
  4. WOW! The leather on it looks sooo nice and smooshy! It looks so good on you! Congrats on your new treat!!
  5. thanks! the top is H&M!
  6. Thanks! they had other natural twiggys but they were kinda smooth wax like in the leather finish. Way too 'new.' I had my anthracite twiggy with me and I asked the sa if she had one that was more like it i.e. a more creased up/collapsing soft leather bag.

    She returned from the back with one! I can't wait for it to break in further (as well as the anthracite). I have a feeling that B bags just get better with age which is good because I don't like the look of new bags.
  7. Congrats! That is a very pretty, neutral color.
  8. looks fab on you! congrats!
  9. :nuts: Gorgeous. I didn't think that they had natural left in any style. Enjoy, I love natural, such a nice color. I too, LOVE your top.
  10. oh my word! That color is fantastic! It almost reminds me of Calcaire. I love how the hardware pops out against the color. Congrats -- you wear it soooo well!!
  11. :yahoo: GORGEOUS!! Great choice and it looks sooooo good on you! Contrats!!! :yes:
  12. karenab, you're really looking good with your new Twiggy! You carry her really well, and the two of you suit each other. Congrats!
  13. Thanks!!! That is a big reason why I wanted it. I love the contrasting dark hardware. It really makes a feature of it. There's a shot I recall of SJP walking in her track pants carrying a calclaire twiggy and I can't forget how great it looked because of that (as well as the slouchy shape).

    With the anthracite it kinda blends in. Diff. vibe.
  14. Just stunning, congratulations! Great combination of colour and style : )

    I wish you well,

  15. [​IMG]

    Karenab:heart: The natural twiggy is lovely, u are rite that on certain angles it looks like white/off white to me but this natural is a great choice than white....congrats!! enjoy:graucho: :graucho: