I got my 1st MARC JACOBS!!!!!

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  1. :yahoo:Hello all!!! I am normally in the LV section. But I have branched off and I got my 1st Marc Jacobs. I am so excited. I :heart: love love love it so much!!!!!

    I normally buy LV but I have wanteda shoulder bag for so long and i couldnt decide on what i wanted, and i found thia bag and instantly feel in love!!!!! :yahoo:

    I got the Softy Faridah in chocolate!!!!!!!!:nuts:
    MJ 1.jpg MJ 2.jpg MJ 3.jpg MJ 4.jpg
  2. congrats and welcome to your new marc jacobs addiciton! i gurantee this wont be your last :smile:
  3. its beautiful! Congrats!
  4. That color is gorgeous!! Congrats & welcome!!
  5. Beautiful!!
  6. Congratulations.
  7. thanks all!!!!!:yahoo:
  8. Yeah! Congrats! Enjoy your bag!!!!
  9. WOW! Congratulations, your first MJ is beautiful! Welcome!
  10. Congrats! MJ is just as addictive as LV :nuts:
  11. ^^I second that! Love that chocolate brown color - you'll get a lot of use out of that bag in this Fall. Congrats!!
  12. congratulations!! enjoy your new bag! :yes: i'm pretty sure it won't be your last MJ bag...heehee...:p
  13. thanks everyone so much!!!!

    i just got back from dinner and i loved carying my bag soooo much!!!! i was using a LV speedy for the past year now and i forgot how nice it is to NOT have to hold your bag!!!!!!!
  14. gorgeous! congrats!!!
  15. Very nice...Congrats! The leather looks super soft too!