I Got My 1st Louis Vuitton Today

  1. Hello to all! I just found this site last week or so & I had to join.
    A little about me & my hobbies. Most people say I have an issue with handbags...at times I agree..LOL. I have tons of handbags. I think I own almost every coach bag they make. Im also a fan of Burberry. Now...I am here I finally received my Palermo PM today for Valentines Day! :yahoo:Im soooooo excited. :yahoo:I am in LOVE!! Next purchase Speedy 35. That is actually what he was suppose to get me but they are out of stock in the LV store in the City.
    What are everyones thought on the Palermo PM?
    This is my 1st LV..Now I want it all! I forgot to mention I have OCD..With everything I do!
  2. LOL...welcome! and congrats on your first LV, I'm sure it won't be your last! Any pictures? I'd love to see!
  3. Welcome to TPF and congrats on your new Palermo! We're all enablers here so don't be shy and post photos soon :heart:
  4. Welcome to tPF and congrats on your new bag!! The Palermo PM is gorgeous! You already have your next bag planned out, too! Classic symptom of having been severely bitten by the LV bug where there is no cure. LOL
  5. Congrats. Don't feel bad I have OCD too, lol. I hope you enjoy your bag.:smile:
  6. Congrats, the Palermo is GORGEOUS!
  7. Welcome :flowers: and congrats :smile:
  8. Welcome and congrats!!
  9. Congrats and Welcome!!! The Palermo Pm was my first LV too!!

    I have already mapped out all the ones I have to get.. I'm hooked.

    You will find that this place makes you want to buy EVERYTHING!!!
  10. congrats! great choice!
  11. Welcome!! So hard to stop at one LV...uh oh look what happened to me after about 18 months here with no LV beforehand!
    2007 LV.jpg
  12. Congrats style!~
  13. Congrats and Welcome!!!!
  14. congrats and welcome to tPF!
  15. yay! nice valentines gift, the palermo is gorgeous!