I GOT my 18 k gold GUCCI RINGS!!!!!!

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  1. hey gucci lovers! i just got my gucci rings and i was hoping to hate them because i am broke and i need to return something BUT I LOVE THEM!!! i wish i had got the white gold as well for more of a staking look but its gone!!anyway the pictures are best i can do they r on myring finger!!

  2. Very nice congrats...loves great on you!
  3. number three pic is most clear tellme what u think!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Very Nice ...... A Nice Addition to the "G" Collection
  5. They are gorgeous!!! Congrats!
  6. Those are pretty,
  7. Beautiful! Thanks for posting pics. Due to the width do you feel like they run true to size or do you recommend sizing up or down?
  8. Beautiful!
  9. Those look fabulous on you... congratulations! I so regret not ordering at least one of the rings when they were still available.
  10. its gorgeous !
  11. Thanks guys! Smalls I would say they run bigger because they worked out really well on both my middle and ring finger. I ordered a size 73/4 so I was worried what finger it would fit. They were a little snugger but surprisingly really comfortable on my middle finger and I’m like an 8 or 81/2 usually on middle finger and a more loose on my ring finger which is a size 7 or but I could wear it on either finger worked out great. Take into consideration they do feel bigger maybe because the style BUT the weight of the 18 karat gold is excellent I was impressed they are so heavy anyway love em!!! :smile:
  12. Gorgeous! Congrats!
  13. Awesome! Thanks for the info. They really are beautiful.
  14. they are really pretty.
  15. tHey are gorgeous!!