I got my 04 Lilac First this morning!

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  1. I stopped by the post office to pick up my mail from vacation hold and there it was ready to be picked up even though it wasn't supposed to be delivered until this afternoon! The color is just beautiful, as expected, however I'm a bit disappointed that when I was looking for her I turned down my opportunity to have it in a city sized instead :Push: So now my quest for Balenciaga continues! I must trade in my firsts for cities!!! :P
    Img_6777a.jpg Img_6784a.jpg
  2. Ohh, now I need one lol. Beautiful!
  3. beautiful jdy! :love: you're the queen of firsts right now! what do you have... magenta, white, indigo, orange, lilac... yummmmy! post a family photo!
  4. :love: congrats!!!
  5. Unfortunately I sold most of my firsts to fund the lilac :crybaby: But that's okay...less bags to upgrade to cities :lol: Here's picture of what I have...the ivory and indigo have been sold so now I've got orange, magenta, pistachio, and lilac :angel:
  6. beautiful jdy... love those colors! excellent taste. excellent. :love:
  7. Gorgeous collection!!! :love:
  8. So gorgeous! That color makes me happy. Congrats!
  9. Love your new Lilac it's a beauty!!
  10. wow! i love all the colors in your collection! so so pretty!
  11. love yor collection jdy!
  12. Great collection, I love the colours!
  13. Congrats, the colours is TDF!!
  14. congrats!
  15. Congrats, fabulous collection!