I got my 04 khaki first today!

  1. :yahoo: OMG...the 2004 leather is so different and so much better than the 06 or even the 05. This bag is soooo freakin' yummy! I love how it changes in different lighting, just like the ink does.

    I would post pics of it that I have taken myself, but I loaned my camera to my sis-in-law so I will post the auction instead, since the pics there really represent the bag.

    Thanks soooo much Mimi! :heart: Love ya, girl!

  2. Wow, I think I just found the next bag I have to have! It is beautiful!! Congrats on your new bag!!
  3. ooooo, what a great color and scrumptious leather, LoriB!!!! Congratulations!!! :yahoo: And how nice to know it came from a loving Bbag home!!:heart:
  4. lori--it's beautiful! :love: You're right--the leather looks amazing on it! mimi--congrats on the sale!:flowers:
  5. Congrats!! What a gorgeous color! I love it!:love: :heart:
  6. I loooooooooove it!!! SO beautiful! Congrats!!!
  7. awwww lori, I am just so so so happy you love it!!!!! :love: I'm SO glad I was able to show you the 2004 leather!!!! and the khaki color is truly amazing ;)
  8. Lori,
    What a beautiful bag! I'm so glad you got 'her'! Congratulations!
  9. mmmmmmm, mmmmmmm, good, that bag is deeeeeeeeeelish :P

  10. no disrespect meant to anyone - but are we allowed to sell our bags and talk about sales to members on PF now - or is this priviledge only for the MODS.
  11. Gorgeous color! Congrats!
  12. To be clear, this was entirely an ebay transaction and was completed, start to finish, outside of this forum.
  13. exactly. people discuss this stuff all the time on this subforum. it is kind of hard not to as about 75% of the bbags sales on ebay are by sellers that are PFers.
  14. ByMimi never mentioned her Khaki here until after transaction is done. I started this thread wanting to know about the Khaki color.

    I think we're allowed to take about ebay transaction as long as we don't promote our own buying and selling.

    Anyhow, congratulation LoriB!!! :yahoo:
  15. buying or selling through this forum is never allowed. People list their bags on Ebay and are purchased through the Ebay venue. This is unavoidable. While this happens, members on the PF become familiar with other members Ebay ID's. Again, this is unavoidable. So, when someone buys or sells a Balenciaga through Ebay, the odds that it is another forum member is high (because lets face it, there is a small community of bbag nuts, and the majority of them post on here!) - so when someone receives a bag they have purchased on Ebay, and they have made the connection who is who, it is unavoidable for them to post about their bag (because they're excited and they want to share with others who will understand! that is what makes tpf so special, we get to share in our passion for bags!) and there is nothing wrong with that -- since the sale has been completely off of the forum, and on another venue. I hope that explains it well for you, sorry for any confusion! Rules are rules, and they apply for everyone, there is absolutely no selling or buying through the main purse forum.