I got mousse!

  1. I just picked her up this afternoon and I am so exited! It was love at first sight and I cant wait to take her out for a spin tomorrow :love:

  2. Gorgeous!! :smile: Congrats!
  3. What a lovely bag! Congrats!
  4. pokus, congrats! she's a lovely mousse!
  5. Absolutely Breathtaking!!:love::love::love:
  6. SHe's GORGEOUS! Love that bag! GOtta get one already! Just gorgeous! Hope you wear her in good health!
  7. I adore this color! Just to die for, Congrats!!
  8. what a great color - congrats!
  9. Such a pretty color and I love the silver hardware!
  10. Congrats pokus! Looks gorgeous and pebbly! Enjoy....
  11. Thanks all of you - she is sitting beside me right now - I cant believe how gorgeous she is! :love::love::love:

    Thanks for letting me share! :idea:

  12. Congrats on your beautiful paddy! Now stop staring at her and take her out :biggrin:
  13. congrats!!!

  14. I will, I will but its late here :biggrin: Tomorrow, I promise!
  15. Congratulations, so glad you got your mousse! Lovely bag, the silver hw is awsome! A perfect bag for summer, and that colour will be just as nice for fall.

    Love the mousse :love: can't wait until I get mine next week...