I got model scouted but what to do now ?

  1. So last week I went for an interview at a college and whilst I was there I got model scouted by a new agency. They gave me a leaflet and it said that I was what they were looking for so could I please contact them through the e-mail address given on the paper and send a full sized photo to that e-mail address and my home address. But do you think this is safe ??...what should I do ?. Any info will be much appreciated. Thanks :smile:
  2. How exciting!:yahoo:
    Anyways, I'd do a google search on the e-mail adress or the Agency name, then you should get some info about if it's a "serious" agency or not, and if they are, then I would definately contact them.
  3. ^^ ITA. I would Google the agency name and gather as much info as possible before submitting any pictures. You might want to try the BBB as well. Good Luck!!
  4. the model agency is called NEW HORIZON MODELS UK but when I search google...nothing comes up :confused1:
  5. ..weird, is it really new or anything? Anyways, do you know anybody in the business you can ask? Otherwise, I think there are some websites that should have a list of "serious" and "not so serious" agencies, but I'm not sure what the url's are. Good luck anyways - remember us when you get famous :smile:
  6. haha in my dreams...Im not even sure I want to do it lol. But it says on the leaflet.

    "This is a modeling company that seeks new faces for nastional and international market. We work with both male and female models throughout the UK and abroad. As well as through our sister modeling agencies world wide. Our modeling agencies and among the most recognised world wide. Due to the high demand we are now searching for elegant models throughout this region.
    But you must be prepared for:
    • Catwalk
    • magazine covers
    • Catalogue modeling

  7. "If you got what it takes to be in the glamorous world of modeling, then send us a full sized photo and a vivid description of yourself and you're contact address and postal code. If chosen, you will be contacted immediately as autumn contracts will be offerer. However our review process takes a couple of days."
  8. I'd definately look around on modelling websites and see if there's something about the agency there, or at least advices on how to move on from here by people who are experienced in the business.
  9. so would you e-mail the e-mail address asking about them and about a site where I can see what there all about ?
  10. Yeah. Or just google for webpages about modelling in general.
  11. I would be very careful. Check out the BBB (or whatever you have in the UK), if nothing is coming up online, that seems like a huge warning sign to me. You can check with the university, and see what they say. Any vendors on my campus, had to be registered. You couldn't just show up and hand things out or sell stuff. The fact that he/she is using leaflets seems more like a scheme to me.

    If you do follow through, if they try to get you to pay anything (for pictures, for "Classes" for registration fees) run far away.

    Good luck, but be very careful.
  12. ooo thanks for your advice, I too think its a scam since the "managers" e-mail address is a hotmail one. But I dont get why a college would let someone come in and hand these out...the colleges main goal is safety LOL
  13. I think Im gunna e-mail the "manager" and say "Hi, before I send any info or pictures...do you have a website that I can find more information about the model agency on"
  14. yeah, if they don't even have a "real" e-mail adress, then it's probably a scam.
  15. Hopefully you can find out some info soon. I would be cautious and not give them any money.