I got me something ROSES too! =)))

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  1. I was about to give up finding something Roses.. then one day.. she came knocking on my "door"~ :nuts:



    I initially wanted a Speedy, but had the opportunity of getting the NF instead... no regrets at all! :heart::heart::heart:
  2. Oops...you got 2 threads! Anyway -- Congrats on the pretty neverfull ;)
  3. My DS loves to hang out with me (yeah... he's a Mama's boy! hee hee).. so I thought of putting him inside the box with some of his toys. This way, I can take pics of my new baby in peace! LOL:roflmfao: (I was kinda worried that he would be able to reach the bag with his drooly hands, but then I thought.. naaah.. that's okay! LOL-- this is the one NF I will NEVER SELL (I had 2, the mono and the damier and sold them.).. this Roses NF is for keeps.:heart:)

    Loooove the details on her~

    Thanks for letting me share my joy~

    ...next target-- PINK GRAFFITI SPEEDY! ;)
  4. Wow!!! I love it!!!! Congrats! Your baby is soooo cute!
  5. ^ lol I love 'MAMA's BOY"..He is cute. He seems to have problem keeping his hands away from the Roses :lol: How old is he?
  6. That is a beautiful bag! I love the pink interior best.
  7. LOVE it!!!! Congrats!!!
  8. He's a darling! Congratulations on your Rose Neverfull. It is such a gorgeous piece.:woohoo:
  9. Congratumations, it's stunning, I love the baby pic, too cute :smile:
  10. Congrats!!! Pretty rose! I love the interior!
  11. congrats! :woohoo: what beautiful babies. your son is especially adorable.
  12. Congrats! What an excellent pick. Your son's too cute. :yes:
  13. congrats
  14. adajal, Crazy Bag, wapity, beljwl, jch0425, pinkgoldfish, teddyraph, deluxeduck, freshmess, heychar:

    Thank you ALL for your sweet compliments on my new purchase and of my precious DS. :heart: =) I love having my kids model with my bags 'coz their Mom's too shy to be in front of the camera! ;)

    I soooooo LVoe the Roses AND the PINK interior lining! Pink is my fave color ever. So this is super perfect for me. Now, if only I can get the Pink Graffiti Speedy... I'll be super duper happy Momma! LOL

    adajal: hi there!!! long time, no chat with ya! I saw your thread about your Roses... LVoe everything! You sure came back with a BANG!!! =)

    Crazy Bag: yeah, he IS a Mama's Boy.. already!!! LOL He's turning 9mos this month.
  15. Beatiful! yours baby is so cuteeee!