I got me a Mizi Mono Canvas and Cerise Speedy!!

  1. Well, I finally got the Mizi monogram canvas :love: :love: and the Cerise Speedy that I always dream of!!!:love: :love: I couldn't believe it I own a Mizi and a Cerise finally. When Mizi first came out I was on the waiting list but when Mizi arrived I changed my mind and didn't buy it because at the time Mizi seems a little too big for me.

    Actually I love the Mizi's size, I carried it to work today for the first time and I just adore this bag.

    I love the Cerise Speedy too but honestly guys..I need your opinion. Do you think the size is a bit small for me??:unsure: Please see pics and voice your opinion. Thanks guys!

    I bought the Mizi from Cat via this forum and also I bought the Cerise Speedy from Iluvebags via this forum! I love both bags!! Thanks Cat and Iluvebags!:biggrin:

    Here are the pics:

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    Mizi and Cerise Speedy02.JPG
  2. More Pics: Me and the bags!:biggrin: :nuts:


    Speedy Cerise2.JPG

    Speedy Cerise3.JPG
  3. WOW, both bags are lovely! :love: . IMO, the Cerise Speedy looks perfect on you! Congrats on your latest haul!
  4. Congrats! They look very nice on you!:biggrin:
  5. i agree! they both look gorgeous...and ur cat's adorable!
  6. I think the cerises speedy is great. But if you change your mind about it PM me!
  7. Thanks Winterpearls3 and SunnyKat!

    Sometimes I think the speedy is a bit small sometimes I think the size is ok..:smile: but it's just too cute! It makes me happy when I wear this cerise speedy!:love:
  8. LOL :P :biggrin: I will keep that in mind.
  9. Both look wonderful on you! Just the right size!

    Your cat seems to be thinking...Hey, how come I'm not in the center of the photo!!
  10. I love them both :love:
  11. Thanks! He is adorable and smart too! I love your puppy too! Is that a puddle? I am sorry if I am wrong, I am not too familiar with dogs. But the pic on you avatar, is that your dog? Soo cute and pretty!
  12. Ha ha ..that's cute comment! When I took the speedy pic, well he just came and lay next to the bag so mine as well..and there he was.:biggrin: He is my baby!
  13. That speedy is the perfect size for you. It looks great! I don't think you have to worry about it being small at all.
  14. both bags are beautiful and look great on you. the Mizi is great for an everyday work bag so the bag's the perfect size to fit all your belongings. the cerise is perfect for those days to just shop and be out and about.
  15. sweetea - they both look PERFECT on you!! the cerise speedy doesnt look small on you at all, you NEED to keep it =)

    congrats on the purchases!!