I got me a Mamma Mia...how exciting!!!

  1. OMG! OMG! OMG! Breathe! When I heard how MM were discontinued for the most part I was bummed. I just can't bring myself to pay too much for these bags so eBay wasn't to big an option for me. So I figured it was only BVs for me in the future since I like totes.

    Okie so here's my story. I was so inspired by djr0658's AS BV in the other post that I felt inclined to find an AS BV at the outlets that might have more than none for colorful characters. Since everyone said that the outlets are picked over I was a bit weary of finding one. The SH had only two BVs left and the girl didn't sound like she was willing to check what the bags had and told me that those had next to none for other characters than AS.

    So I called Woodbury and the girl there was super nice, Britney, I didn't really care for which characters I got as long as I got some with color on there. They only had 2 BVs left and one had 4 characters on one side but 1 and 2 cut off on the other. I was a bit bummed to hear that and was ready to hang up and then she told me how she had Mamma Mias in stock (six according to her)!!! I was like oh really...wow that's awesome!!

    I was thrilled!!!! Yippy. She found me one with three characters (which sound like might be Sandy and Latte or some carton looking thing) and something else and two or three on the back side. There was one other one with 4 characters but 2 of them are black and white characters outside of AS and two other one the back the mushrooms and the baby or something like that. I can't remember...felt like a dream to get my hands on a MM finally. Can't wait to get it!!

    So exciting!!!
  2. Congrats on your new bag! Doesn't it feel great to find something that you didn't think you'd ever find? =)
  3. By the way the other BV that Woodbury had did have three characters on each side but both sides had basically the same three characters. So according to the girl both sides looked similar.
  4. Congrats!!! Mamma Mia is my absolute 100% favorite style and you will :heart::heart::heart: it!! Make sure you post pics when you get it!!!

    I actually have one coming too....:yahoo: I bought a Trasporto Zucca but never took the tags off it because the Zucca is just a bit too big for me and I REALLY REALLY wanted a Trasporto MM instead. I was :crybaby: because I had passed the return deadline with Pulse (I was going to return the Zucca and pay $$ for a MM on eBay) so I couldn't return it for a refund (only store credit).

    So I put it on LJ looking for a trade for a Trasporto MM, and now I'm trading with one of our wonderful TPF members whose sister had a Trasporto MM but wanted a Zucca instead. :yahoo: I can't wait until it gets here!!

  5. Aww that's awesome for you too! You'll have to share the pictures of your MM too. I been back and forth on the Zucca style myself. I can't afford to collect all the bags and every style so I figured each design in a different style if I can, although I may end up with 2 BVs once Vacanze comes out. But now I have my AS MM so I won't have three and it's a cute print for a smaller tote I think...or I hope...I'll decide when I get it. :smile:
  6. congratz for u 2! dont forget to post pics ;)

    I keep thinking I want to get a MM, but im worried the strap is too short (I thought the strap was too short the last time I saw a MM), the BV strap is perfect for me. but a lot of ppl here love it. Let me know what u think after u got it.
  7. Congrats, SpaceGal! I love the size of the Mamma Mia as well. I was also skeptical of the Zucca, but the first day I took mine out for a spin I fell in LOVE with it.

    SB, CONGRATS on the Trasporto Mamma Mia!!
  8. Congrats...I'm glad my BV inspired you to get an Adios Star MM!
    Can't wait to see pictures!
  9. the mm's are not being discontinued :p ...it was just a rumor. congrats on your A.S. MM!! :biggrin:
  10. It's not?!!?!? So what's exactly going on with them then?? Something like Hawaii/Guam exclusives no?
  11. But they are discontinued on the mainland... right? I haven't seen any... Except overpriced on ebay from sellers from Hawaii.
  12. YIPPEE! I'm so happy for you. Enjoy it and remember to Scotchgard!
  13. Well is not discontinued in Hawaii/Guam :p Im not sure why the mainland isnt carrying them anymore?? It really depends on the mainland buyers...:push:
  14. Ahh I got my Mamma Mia. My aunt and I have been just admiring how cute it is. I had to steam it a bit to get the wrinkles out. And I'll still need to scotchguard it too. I really love the front, the back is okay, I'm just happy it's not plain. :smile:
    DSC01419.jpg DSC01420.jpg
  15. ^ cute!

    wait... how do you steam a tokibag >.>;