I got lucky

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  1. I was passing through Gilroy and decided to do a quick stop at the Coach Outlet. I asked to see their sunglasses and lo' n behold they have the Quinn sunglasses! I have been looking on Ebay like crazy for these. I got them for 79 bucks!!! :yahoo:

  2. Great deal! Congrats!
  3. Congrats on your new sunnies!
  4. Wow! Great deal! Congrats!
  5. i've been wondering how these fit and the stores here do not have them! any chance of a modeling pic pleeeease? :nuts:
  6. I'm at work so let me go take a break and go somewhere private LOL...
  7. thanks sweetie! :yahoo:
  8. awesome deal!!
  9. Please excuse my ugly face I decided to wear no make up today!

  10. You look beautiful!!!!:yes: I love the aviator style, looks great on you!:tup:
  11. Those are awesome. I'm soooooooo needing sunglasses now!
  12. oooh... thanks for the PM! you look gorgeous, make-up or none! i love your eyebrows too! :tup: thanks so much for going to the trouble to take modeling pics! :heart: :heart: :heart: you are totally rocking those quinns! :yahoo:
  13. omg! those look great on you!! did they have any more at gilroy?
  14. Congrats! I love those on you!
  15. ugly? you? those sunnies look great!! i especially like the second pic lol