I got Knee Boots!

  1. If you don't know by now, I have some large calves to go with my large, curvy body. I never thought that I would find a pair of knee boots to fit me, but I have.:yahoo: It's all thanks to a really great website which shall remain nameless (if you want to know because you have the same problem, PM me). I'm almost at the point of tears. They are a little tight right now, but they will stretch out as I wear them. I'm going to run across the way and have my mother take pics of me in them.
  2. oooh yeah, can't wait to see pics!!!
    Is it that cool customization website womeone posted?
  3. That's what I was wondering! I am thinking of ordering from them because I have oddly skinny calves :lol:

    Can't wait to see pics!!
  4. nope not that one. It's not duo shoes either. I was going to try them out, but I didn't want to wait for international shipping (and pay all that money for it too).
  5. where's the pics?

    Give 'em up E!!!
  6. Hold on Swanky. I gotta get to Mommy to take my pics.
  7. Ok, my Mama is officially getting on my nerves. I just put the camera on timer so forgive my poor pics. I'll get my BF to take better ones in the sun (or rain) over the weekend. I still haven't taken these suckers off. :lol:
    kneeboots1.jpg kneeboots2.jpg
  8. VERY nice E! Are they so comfy?
  9. Definitely. Way more comfortable than the heels I wore to work today. If I hadn't already decided what I was wearing tomorrow, I would be wearing these. I really need this wall unit up. I'm tired of waiting for this guy to come build it. I need a showcase now!!!!
  10. Cute boots! They look wonderful with the dress!
  11. Me like! They are gorgeous on and look really comfy. Congrats! I still have yet to find myself a fabulous pair of boots that are also comfy.
  12. Elongreach those are HOT!
  13. They are gorgeous! Will you PM me where you got them? TIA
  14. Lovely! Congrats! Thanks for taking the pics!
  15. cute boots elongreach! congrats!