i got it!!

  1. i went to coach today and i got the signature stripe mini skinny in punch! i love it and it is so cute! but its the most expensive mini skinny i have lol it was 50! my friend said that was way too much for a mini skinny but i fell in love with it!

    just wanted to share, ill post pictures when i get a chance :biggrin:
  2. congrats!!!!! i'm off to the boutique first thing tomorrow for the exact same thing...and maybe the wristlet to match!!!
    that color is tdf!!
  3. I splurged on the punch mini skinny too! It's so cute! And it'll be worth the splurge if it gets used a lot!
  4. oh yea! pix! i loev it!
  5. how exciting!!! congrats on the purchase, punch is such a fun color and mini skinnies are so useful!
  6. Congrats!!