I Got It!

  1. I'm in NY and visited the Macy's in Herald Square a couple of days ago (thanks for those who told me about the LV store there). After much deliberation and anxiety, I chose the Manhatten PM. Was ready to pull out my credit card and my sweetie said he'd buy it for me (combo b-day and anniversary gift). I know it gave him heartburn to spend so much on a purse so that makes it extra special.

    It's my first LV and I'm nervous using it. In fact, it's been raining here and so it's just been sitting in the hotel room!

    I love the bag but how do you folks get over your paranoia of trying to keep it pristine? I feel like it's a brand new car you park in the furtherest part of the lot to avoid dings! I almost can't enjoy the damn thing!!! :crybaby:
  2. have you considered Shining Monkey? it's a fabric/leather protector and it works really well on the vachetta to keep it clean and prevent it from stains and water marks :yes:. plus it also slows down the patina process

    just be really careful with it. i always try not to brush my bag against dirty surfaces, like car exteriors, and i try not to knock the pocket buckles against anything.
  3. Awww... your husband is sooo sweet. Congrats. :smile:
  4. Yay! :yahoo: Congratulations on your new LV! What a sweetheart to buy your bag for you ~ he's a keeper!

    I don't have any advice for that *new* feeling and being afraid to use it. I feel your pain..... Two of my LVs are almost brand new LVs and I have a hard time using them ~ the handles are just too nice. I still don't know how to get over that.
  5. What a sweet husband! And good choice on your very first LV! I love the shape of the manhattan pm
  6. Repeat after me...it will NOT remain pristine.
    So unpack your bag and enjoy! But first, be sure to spray some water repellent on it (so it doesn't get any water stains) and try not to wear any hand lotion for a while (at least until the patina gets going).
    Besides that, enjoy your bag and make that bag every penyy worth!
  7. What a sweet husband. Congrats and welcome to the forum :biggrin:
  8. what a sweet DH you have. congrats on your first LV.
  9. Congrats! I'd definitely consider Shining Monkey if I were you. It helps keep the leather from getting water marks like Sandra said.
  10. where do u get shining monkey?
  11. the Shining Monkey website or Amazon
  12. Aww, what a sweet husband. Congrats and take out the bag and enjoy it:yes:
  13. Congrats! You have a sweet guy
  14. Congratulations :smile:
  15. Congratulations! The manhattan pm was my first lv too.:smile: I found spraying the handles with a protector has kept mine from getting dirty and keeping me from worrying so much.

    Enjoy your new bag!