I got it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Its mine... AT LAST !!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    :shame:Im talking about a chocolate ledbury, which ive been lusting after for ages; I picked it up this morning after patiently waiting all week to be able to go look at it (damm work for getting in the way :lol:).

    Its sat next to me now and I keep looking at it and :love:, trouble is I have a nasty cold and Im trying desperately not to sneeze on it :yucky:
  2. Congrats!! I am so glad you finally got it!! Bet you are smiling thru that cold. That's one way to get well and feel better, right?? Post pics soon!!
  3. The cold's certainly doing it's rounds here, i'm still getting over one too, i'm on Day Nurse and it's doing a good job. Congrats on the new bag but we need visuals to get reallly excited!
  4. I'll try and post some pics later... not modelling ones though, I look awful!
  5. Congratulations!!!
  6. Great news. Congrats
  7. congrats! great buy. i've got a chocolate ledbury too n it's the cutest thing. :p
  8. Lovely! Yours at last! Hope some of the leathersmell finds it´s way through the cold... :p Must be at least as good as chemical coldvapour-inhalation stuff;)!
  9. Wonderful news, congrats! Lovely colour, cute bag!
  10. Yay! Congratulations on your delicious chocolate! Hope you feel better soon :flowers:
  11. lovely collection -can i ask your comments about the ayler is it as heavy as everyone makes out? x:flowers:
  12. Congratulations - post photos please (when you are feeling better of course - hope that is soon!)
  13. Oooh, congrats, Hulahoop. Really pleased for you.

    Please post pics when you can :tup:
  14. Thanks everyone, Ive been lusting after this for (what seems like) so long, that I feel really satisifed today :lol: Will post pics soon, when Ive got some more energy to find the camera and start playing around with it :smile:
  15. Well I am feeling well enough today to dig the camera out, at last, so here we are....


    Bayley, not sure about the ayler, I think DitaB has one?

    Ive just looked at the pics and i think its the flash that makes the bag seem shiny, but its really not as shiny as it looks!
    PICT0009.JPG PICT0011.JPG PICT0015.JPG