I got it!

  1. I'm so excited! I got my small agenda in Vernis Frambois today. I love the color so much that I want to take a bite out of the thing. :lol: And I also got the Sweet Monogram Pendant! It just arrived at the store today, and I was able to get it. So so so happy! Sorry ladies, i just couldn't hold it in. I can't wait for my hubby to get home with the diggy so that I can take pics.
  2. Congrats!!!! That color is awesome and the vernis agenda's are soooo cool!!!! Can't wait to see pics!!
  3. My favorite color. Congratulations.
  4. Congrats.
  5. yeah i'm afraid to get anything in framboise vernis because i'm afraid i'll just stare at it all day and not get any work done :lol:
    congrats on your purchases!
  6. I LOVE the color!!! CONGRATS and post PICS, please!!!
  7. 0o00o congrats!!!! totally loving that colour!!! cant wait to see pics!
  8. Thanks everyone! I'll try to post pics asap. I still can't get over the colors of my stuff today. It reminds me of candy.:shame:
  9. Congrats! That's a gorgeous color. Can't wait for the pics. I've not seen the necklace.
  10. Can\'t wait to see pictures. Its a lovely color.
  11. Congrats! I can't wait to see the pics!
  12. Congratulations! lol I can practically feel your excitement, thats awesome. Cant wait to see pictures.
  13. I finally have pictures. Yay! Please excuse the carpet. :shame:

  14. can i ask how much was the necklace???? i really like it....
  15. The Sweet necklace (they just call it a pendant) was $330. Not a bad price at all, being that it's so yummy looking.