I got it!!!

  1. Just came back from the LV store... Today my SA rang to say that the Speedy was waiting for me :love:
    I got the 25 (and half the shop looking at me and wondering where the heck that bag was :roflmfao: ...) Wanted to take a look at the 30 but they are not allowed to show it until the 1st of June...
    Anyway, I'm in heaven :heart: , the bag is such a cute thing and the red lining looks great!!!
    Promise to post pics tomorrow!!!
  2. Congrats! Can't wait to see a picture!
  3. please post pics ASAP! :yes: ;) :graucho:
  4. gefeliciteerd meid !!! i knew that bag is for you :graucho: Cogratssss :lol:
  5. Just a couple of quick pics with my phone (quality not very good, sorry!!):
    Image004.jpg Image005.jpg Image006.jpg
  6. very pretty ;)
  7. Thanks for the pics! Such a cute bag!!
  8. very pretty, enjoy!
  9. Those pics make me so excited! I can't wait:love:
  10. Congrats! What a great bag!
  11. Thank you for the pics!! :smile: :smile: it's so pretty! Please model for us ! =)
  12. Wow! I love it! Does it sag?
  13. !!!!!! :graucho: It's gorgeous! Can't wait to see more photos :smile:
  14. What a great bag! Looking at yours makes me want one :yes: .
  15. Cool bag! Does is sag like a mono speedy?