I Got It!!!yipeee!

  1. Guess what I got? :yahoo: :happydance:I'm sure it's going to be easy for you to guess since I've been posting so many threads about it:yes: . It's two items and that's all I'm going to tell you for now;) I know some of you are tired of these guessing games so feel free not to guess buuut if you want to entertain yourself then by all means go right ahead:rolleyes: . I think it's a fun game (for me...maybe not for the guesser:amuse: )I didn't want to make you guess but I didn't have time to take pictures today since I have so much school work but I promise that I will post pics by tomorrow :smile:
  2. I hate waiting!!!!! LOL hurry and post pics!! :smile:
  3. oh please do post pictures!
  4. one of them is the Cerises Speedy 25 !
  5. omg anothert tease .. DO TELL :biggrin:
  6. Ugh, I was just taking some pictures but my battery just died on me. I'm recharging it now so give like about 15-20 min.
  7. poshinstyle, what took u so long?! hehe :Push:

    i demand picss, im so curioussssssssssssss... :hysteric:

    anyway im sure all ur pieces would be fabuolous as usual, congrats :flowers:
  8. [​IMG]
  9. I'm guessing the cerises speedy since you kept asking about it . woo hoo if that's what it is! :yahoo:
  10. I wish:heart:
    Give me a few min. I adding my "signature"

    I totally agree with you. Give me a few minutes.:yes:
  11. i bet it is something multicolor :heart:3
  12. :wlae: :yahoo: Here it is:

    I got the LAST Cerises.:yahoo: Lucky me!:yes:
    Cerises_Pochette_1 copy.jpg Cerises_Pochette_3 copy.jpg Cerises_Pochette_4 copy.jpg Cerises_Pochette_2 copy.jpg
  13. Love it!! Congrats!! :yahoo:
  14. Adorable! Love it!:yahoo:
  15. Pretty! now what's the other one??