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  1. Well after several months of debating and several years of dreaming I finally purchased my first LV. I want to say thanks for all of the wonderful advise and elongreach I made sure that I got a box also. I was supposed to go on Monday but I decided to go for it and the timing was perfect because I could also go alone. When I went to the store I was sure that I was wanting to get the BV or the BH however I quickly changed my mind. I think that I must have tried on every bag in the store. I was like a kid in a candy shop. I first wanted to get a tote but then I realized that the majority of the bags that I own are totes, so I decided to go for a bag that I can carry on my wrist or carry in my hand. I was all set to get the Pappilion ( I hope I spelled that correctly) but then I thought that I would get tired of carrying it. So I tried on more bags. The SA that I had was wonderful and he gave me lots of personal attention. He also gave me the background and history of the some of the bags. I told him that I read about the Patina from this forum and he explained that to me also. He gave me very explicit care instructions and told me to please call him if I had any questions. Well to put this little story to rest I have attached a picture of the one that I decided to purchase. I like the fact that it can be carried as a tote bag on the shoulder or I can lower the straps and carry it in my hand or wrist. So it basically does everything that I want it to do. And also in my opinion I like the patena look. It also helps to identify the bag as being authentic because the fakes don't do that without falling apart first. At least I don't think they do.
    Picture 137.jpg Picture 139.jpg
  2. Congrats!:flowers:
  3. Congratulations-what a great bag to start out with!
  4. Congrats disney! I'm proud of you. Welcome to the LV club!
  5. Congrats! A great choice ,it's gorgeous!:tender:
  6. Very nice...Nice start..

  7. Congratulations! It is a beautiful bag! I have been eyeing this one myself!
  8. This was my first LV too. I kow you'll love it. Congrats!
  9. Very nice! Congrats!
  10. oooooooooo, the popincourt haut! great bag! love it!! congrats!
  11. Very nice choice!
  12. It's a PH right??? In any event Congrats!!

    If it's a PH, I just wanted to say that I have one and LOVE it!
  13. congrats!

  14. Yes it is.
  15. CONGRATS!!!:yahoo:
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