I Got It!! The Skull Key Fob!!!

  1. I am just waiting for it to arrive. I called COACH last night and ordered it. I realy wanted the Charm but they don't have it and I can't find it anywhere! Oh Well. It's going to look awesome on my CHELSEA SATCHEL! :lol:
  2. Yay! Congrats!
  3. yay! I just bought the same one, and have it on my chelsea satchel.. it's hot!!! :tup:
  4. congrats! Its very cute! I bought one a month ago but returned it because all my bags have brass hardware and it didn't look right. :cursing: It looks great on the Chelsea bags! :tup: Post pics when you have it!
  5. Will do! i need to put pics up of all my bags any ways so i'll let you know when i finally get around to it.
  6. which chelsea do you have?
  7. I have the chelsea satchel I took the pic from coach. [​IMG]
  8. Gorgeous!!!!! The Skull Is Perfect For This Bag!!!! Please Post Pics When It Arrives!!!!
  9. damienmomma, that Skull keyfob will look HOT on your gorgeous chelsea satchel!!!!! What a hot bag!!
  10. ooohhh I LOVE the satchel! I actually bought that first but decided I needed a shoulder bag.. can't wait to see it, it's going to look HOT!!! :tup:
  11. thanks!!! i :heart: this bag! I am so anxious to see my skull already lol
  12. WTG, I would like one as well thou, I dont really need one and being a mom of three I think It might look odd having one, My kids might look better off with one thou. The heavy metal girl lives inside...hehe
  13. Congrats! I ordered mine yesterday too, and I can't wait to get it! Anyone know if it looks any different from the charm (other than the fact that it's a keyring of course!;))?

    I've been trying to resist ordering it for the past few weeks--but I caved!:smile:
  14. Congrats! I got the skull charm earlier this yeah and I love it. I always get compliments on it when I wear it.
  15. Ahhh I'm dying for the skull keyfob! It will look so hot on that bag. Congrats :smile: