I Got It !! Puls An Extra Suprrise !

  1. I finally got my Blue Sahali Le Fab last night, its so pretty and my nice SA showed me this cute LV brooch they have and i absoloutely just have to get it :roflmfao:
    hahahah.....but when we got home there was a power failure in our area because someone drove their car into a powerpole :Push:
    We had to wait at our friend's place until 3 am :cry: but its still a happy night for me :yahoo:
    La Feb.JPG brooch.JPG
  2. omg TDF!!!!! im IN LOVE with your bag and the brooch is sooo adorable!
  3. Wow!!! Great bag!! Congrats and love the brooch too!!!
  4. WOW! So cute! I saw that brooch today at my LV when I picked up my Damier speedy..soooooo CUTE!
  5. that brooch is so cute!! can I ask how much it was??
  6. That is to TDF! I love the color, it is so fun for summer!
  7. Stunning!
  8. WOW! SO classy, what a beautiful bag.
  9. yay, that's such a stunning bag. I was at the boutique yesterday and saw the Le Fab in black.... absolutely beautiful....
  10. Congrats.
  11. my, my, you are assembling an absolutely beautiful collection of blue Suhalis!
  12. Love the bag and the brooch! Congrats!
  13. I love your bag! How much was the cute brooch?
  14. Congrats! The bag is gorgeous, and I really love the brooch too.
  15. Gorgeous on both counts!