I got it, Pomme flat pouch

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  1. At last i received my pomme flat pouch at work today before 12pm :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    but it is so flat and tiny. measurements are definately not the same as what it said on LV website.

    its more of 5.5' W x 3.4' H x 0.2' D.

    anyway pics time
    DSC00061.JPG DSC00062.JPG DSC00068.JPG DSC00070.JPG
  2. can i also say a big thank you to all the ppl in here, without u guys i probably wont have notice this little darling exist cos i was never a samll accessories person until i come here.
  3. beautiful!!!!!!!congrats!
  4. What a gorgeous ruby red! Congrats, it's stunning!
  5. It's lovely, looks kinda like a grown up cles.

    Beautiful, thanks for the pictures!
  6. can you put some stuff in it then take a pic and post it??
  7. yes, please! Can anything fit inside... lipstick, keys,....?
    Thanks !
  8. Absolutely gorgeous!! Congrats!!
  9. Whoa, looove the color! Nice.
  10. Super cute!
  11. It's so beautiful!
  12. sooo pretty....I agree..without the forum I wouldn't be an accessory fanatic. I think this would be my last accessory to buy...and onto to the fun stuf...BAGS!

    congrats btw!! if you can post pics wth stuff inside that would be fab! can you fit a cellphone in the main compartment?
  13. So pretty, and so cute. Its so tiny though.
  14. ooooh thats on my wishlist!!!! congratz! did you order from vuitton.com, i tried but its just out of stock!!!!:confused1:
  15. that is simply gorgeous!