I got IT!!! My white MC FRINGE BUCKET!!!!

  1. I went yesterday to pick her up but I had an exam to study for so I could not take and post pictures last night. I had so much fun at LV yesterday I met Multicolordreams IRL, it was sooooo neat because we were both admiring the bag and charms and I asked if she had ever heard of PF and she said she was a member and then we both got so excited and we exchanged names and such. All the while the 2 SA's are wondering what we were talking about. It was soooo cute! It really made picking up my bag very special to share it with somone who truley appreciated the beauty of LV, so thank you Multicolordreams:flowers:. Well here are the pics...enjoy (FYI: I don't normally look so tired but I've had a very busy week, I've seen double the patients I normally every day this week)
    IMG_0408.jpg IMG_0409.jpg IMG_0410.jpg IMG_0411.jpg IMG_0412.jpg IMG_0413.jpg IMG_0414.jpg IMG_0416.jpg
  2. OMG!!! IT IS SO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo: And you are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Aww.. that is too cute ! And the bag actually looks much cuter and more fun than in the runway photos. I love how the little pochette is all funky too. Congrats on your purchase !
  4. congrats, it's definitely unique! enjoy!
  5. It is very cute and you look amazing!
  6. very cute! congrats!!!
  7. It's Absolutely Gorgeous!!!!!!! I Love The Pochette As Well!!!!!! It's Looks Fabulous On You!!!!!!!!!!!! :smile:
  8. What a beautiful bag, it looks Stunning on you :smile: ENJOY!

  9. Awesome!!!! Looks great, congrats!!
  10. I love that pochette, I think I'd fall for that bag just for the funky pochette. Congrats on your new lovely!
  11. The charms look soo cute in the pictures. I bet its even nicer in person. Congrats.
  12. My thoughts exactly!
  13. Stunning & looks wonderful on you. I'm glad that I decided to get one too. Enjoy your beautiful purse.
  14. It's so beautiful! It was wonderful meeting you. I'm totally jealous of your new Bucket AND your geranium le fab. Want to adopt me as your little purse sharing sister? ;) Enjoy your new bag!!
  15. Congrats! Great pics!! I touched the charms on the bag last night at the Seattle party and the detail was so great...a work of art.