I got it ! My first B.bag, my Men's Day...

  1. Yesterday morning, I woke up at dawn to take a train to go to Paris seeing a friend. I arrived at his place and he was still in bed then the time he got dress, have a beakfeast told him I 'm going to visit Le Printemps Homme. At the second floor, a Balenciaga corner !
    Then....I let you imagine...:nuts:
    It (the bag) was waiting for me and my body...A marvelous and the last one Men's day in Café...I tried, and I tried and I left with it. God! The leather is so soft, the deepth of the color, the slouchy shape...Yummy



    Ps 1: Feel free to comment
    Ps 2: Some dirty and blurry pics (taken by my cellular) but I 'm looking for my camera
    Image(41).jpg Image(39).jpg Image(40).jpg
  2. Congrats on your very first bbag!:yahoo: Great choice!
  3. :drool: nice-uh!
  4. Viktor, congrats on your gorgeous first Bbag, yay!!!:tup:

    I enjoyed your description of how it was there waiting for you, the leather, trying it on....:heart:

    When you find your camera, look forward to seeing your additional pics, maybe a modeling pic, too!:yahoo:

    Enjoy him.
  5. Excellent. Congratulations and thanks for letting us know what you decided to go for. Its lovely.
  6. wow thats amazing!! congrats!! :biggrin:
  7. Congrats on your first B bag!
  8. the leather is yummy....... congrats on your first bbag, and might i say it won't be your last....
  9. Congrats! The leather looks so beautiful from what I can see!
  10. Salut Victor!!! Congrats on the gorgeous bbag! You 'll love it more every time you wear it!
  11. Very nice! Is it black or blue? I love men wearing bbags!
  12. Actually It's a 07 Café Men's bag...
  13. Congrats. The leather is tdf!!
  14. aaah, cafe is a great color. Show a modeling pic!
  15. Love it! Enjoy