i got it! last fuschia denim baggy pm in NY

  1. i'm happy with this bag. i didn't once look at it all season, b/c for some reason it didn't impress me. then after looking at the picture threads and needing something shoulder, not hand held and casual since my third baby is on his way in two weeks, i got into it. plus i'm not a big fan of denise richards who seems to carry this bag everywhere with her kids.

    anyway, there's drama with this purchase. first of all, i found out the very last fushcia PM was at the boutique closest to my home. i put it on hold until tomorrow, but i ran today to exchange my pont-neuf for it b/c i wont be using a hand held bag for some time. tomorrow is going to be horrid weather so i didn't want to go in the rain and have a new bag ruined right away. so as the SA pulled out the bag for me to look at, another SA was practically screaming saying that this bag was on hold for her, she had it special ordered from another store. But another SA and the 1 800 rep found it in their store records and had it on hold for me. i ended up with the bag, but the SA did her darndest to try to make me feel bad about purchasing her bag. hey, i didn't do anything except put over $1k down to buy a bag that i wanted.

    i love it by the way. at least there's a story behind the bag!
  2. lol, Good for you! I really really hate it when people try and 'guilt' you into giving up your much wanted purchase :cursing: !! A slightly similar thing happened to me when I had put the Lucille PM Noir (last one too!) on hold a few days ago (I posted a thread about it too!) and someone who had wanted it previously to my 'hold' phone call inquiry (but she had gone OVER the limit of the hold time) and the bag went to me by default :lol: !!
    And my guess is that because of this little tiff over your bag, your going to love it even more! :angel:
  3. Congrats!! Sounds like a very sweet bag!

    Yep, those SA ladies can be vicious...
    Once I did the same thing and held a Alma a day before I could pick it up due to work. My SA told me that they only get 1 or 2 a month and that it just came in and was brand new..no one even looked at it. I was so excited..but then another SA from across some how heard it and said it was for her. That her client is coming in to pick it up. Well, I totally gave her a hard stare....my Sa was great though. She only looked up at her once then went about the buisness of wrapping it up for me and said, "Not this one, this one is for this lady. She held it a while ago.". The other girl just stood there awhile but went away soon enough.

    It was funny..but I thought to myself - Dang...even they have to be on the waiting list for them...hee hee:lol:
  4. wow, so this SA experience is nothing new huh? i'm a pushover sometimes, so if she kept battering the issue, i may have let her have the bag. but since it was the last one left anywhere in my home state, and my SA said quietly that the bag was mine, i kept solid ground. true i wanted to get out of there asap before i did change my mind, but the exchange was slow, so i just went and looked at the new Epi Cannelle bags.
  5. Ugh, what a story. But hey, the fight for it makes it a little extra special right ! :yes: Congrats !
  6. yep, I totally know what you mean.. I usually let people have their way, but if they're being nasty, forget it! Glad you held your ground!!
  7. Congrats!! I love that style! I'm glad you were able to get the last one.
  8. lol. Congratulations. I love the fuschia denim too. !!!!!
  9. Cool! I got the last fuchsia baggy pm in the store too!:graucho:
  10. Congrat's
  11. Congrats.

    I wonder how many fuschia baggys are left out there in total??

    I have a baggy gm and I love knowing that they will soon be unavailable.....justifies my purchase.....sort of. :lol:

    Enjoy your bag
  12. Is the strap on the baggy treated leather unlike the untreated leather on the speedys?
  13. Congratulations