I got it! I got it!

  1. I'm so impressed with eLux right now ... I ordered my bag on Monday and it arrives TODAY! I was so excited. My purseket arrived the day before too! :yahoo:

    I've finally purchased the bag I've been eyeing for so long -- the damier speedy 25! I used her for a bit today and let me tell you, I felt really special just holding it. I know, I'm such a dork. Maybe I'm just not sure, but I feel (just a little bit) that the bag may be a bit too small for me. I tried on both at the store and they both looked great on me, but now I'm thinking that the 30 might be a better size since I do carry a lot of stuff sometimes in my bags. Can you give me your opinion if you think I can handle the 30? I think it just boils down to me not wanting to wait longer if I decide to ship it back and exchange for the bigger size.

    Check out my pictures though -- I even have shots of it with my purseket! I showed the purseket to both my sisters though and they LOVED it! They think it's such a great idea! Now I know I'm getting them for Christmas ... hehe.:P Sorry if the lighting is poor!
    IMG_3976.jpg IMG_3973.jpg IMG_3971.jpg
  2. Here's pictures of my purseket:
    IMG_3978.jpg IMG_3979.jpg
  3. congratulations! i think 25 suits you just right~~~~ its sooo cute!
  4. i think it looks perfect on you! the pursket really organizes your bag so maybe you can fit more things in it. the exchange process takes a couple weeks if you really want to get the 30. You can go wrong with either! congrats!
  5. Very very nice, the purseket matches the interior!! Thanks for sharing!!

    BTW, I think the 25 looks perfect on you.

    Congrats!!!!! :biggrin:
  6. Love it on you and CONGRATS. Although I always vote for the 30!
  7. aww stunnnnnnnning bag ..looks great on u .... congrats and enjoy :smile:
  8. Looks great on you! Congrats!!
  9. i agree. the 25 looks great on you! enjoy!
  10. Looks great on you..also love the purseket..
  11. I think the 25 is PERFECT!!!
  12. looks good on you. i have a speedy 25 too with a leopard print purseket from joey jr.
  13. Gongratulations, it´s really cute!
  14. Congrats! It looks fabulous on you!
  15. congrats!!