I Got It, I Got It!!!

  1. So I'm new to LV, but I've longed for a pomme cles for about 7 months. Hubby gave me a Damier Speedy 25 for Xmas and I just had to have the cles. We were in Orlando for the weekend and my mom gave me money (yes, I'm 32, married and an attorney but she always gives me money when I travel, even with her). I found online this fab mall called Mall at Millenia and it has an LV Boutique. Hubby wanted to check the mall out and while there he told me to go look in LV to see the cles. I'd never been inside and LV store and I was like a kid in a candy store. Everything was so beautiful. So the SA took out the cles in MC and Vernis (violet and pomme). I just HAD to have the pomme!!!! So here she is!!!!! Sorry about some water smudges on the pics, it had been raining cats and dogs that evening.



    So adorable!!


  2. congrats!

    it's stunning on the damier speedy! :]
  3. Congrats it is lovely!!!!
  4. Congratulations. Pomme looks stunning against Damier.
  5. gorgeous! congrats!

    goes together great with the damier!
  6. love it! pomme and damier is a hot combo! Congrats!
  7. It goes soooo well with the Damier canvas!!! Congrats!
  8. gorgeous ... pomme is perfect for damier imo, congrats!
  9. LOVE it with your Damier speedy!
  10. Looks terrific! Congrats and enjoy!:smile:
  11. yay congrats!!!!

    isn't Millenia Mall awesome?!!! that's "my" mall that i go to normally;)....(LOL) i hope you had a wonderful customer service there too~! most of the SAs are sweet there!

    did you get to check out other stores there too?!!!
  12. congrats!! pomme is a lovely color and it looks smashing on the cles!
  13. Congratulations
  14. Oh, yeah. We totally checked out the mall, and IKEA!!!! Hubby loved the strore with all the techie stuff near Neiman Marcus. We so want to move!! They treated us very well, very courteous and attentive with us.
  15. What a nice touch :nuts: Congrats :yahoo: