I got it! I got it! My first B Bag and wallet!

  1. Here we go ladies...I did it! I went to Bal NY on Friday and got this beautiful bag and wallet! I'm in LOVE!!! Sorry if the pic is a little iffy...I did it with my camera phone at work.

    Yay! I'm SO addicted!!! :love:
  2. Wow beautiful, is that the black city?
    Congrats both are gorgeous.
  3. Leather looks TDF, great choice for your first B-Bag the city, and in a versatile colour, enjoy! :smile:
  4. Very nice. I want one in black also. Enoy it.
  5. AAARRRRRRRRRR...another beautiful city from BNY.

    congrats, it looks like a good one :smile: . When you were there on Friday, was there a large selection of black to choose from?
  6. Yes it is a black city...I have no idea what the wallet is I just asked to see every wallet they had in black, lol!

    I was there around 11:15ish on Friday...in Black they had just about everything...it was a dream come true :yes: . They had a wonderful selection, but I knew I was going for a black city...now to start planning my next bag!
  7. thats a nice city..enjoy it
  8. Love them both! Everyone needs a black City Bbag. Just so classic and versatile, not to mention it looks very cool in black! Yeah, baby!!! Good choice on the wallet too.

  9. Congratulations, a black city bag is an excellent choice!
  10. wow i like both. congrats!
  11. Congrats - they look perfect.
  12. awww they look awesome! congrats! did the wallet come in all different colors to coordinate with the bags??
  13. That City is GORGEOUS!! You really got a good one. Congrats and enjoy!
  14. Congratulations!! they are beautifullll
  15. Congrats! Both are great picks!