I got it! I got it!! :DD

  1. Meet the new member of my little coach family!
    Really sorry for the bad picture! I will upload clearer ones later! ^^;

    Just got back from the mall!

    Thanks to the DBF!! I TOTALLY LOVE IT!! :biggrin:

    Presenting!! The Ergo Hobo in Black Signature!! :yahoo::wlae:
  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! I am the proud owner of the SAME bag but in chocolate signature!!!!!! She is a GREAT bag...you will absolutely LOVE her! How about some modelling pics now????? PS: I ADORE this bag so much, I am PRAYING that Coach comes out w/ a khaki/white ERGO HOBO for the spring/summer!!!! PRAYERS!!!!!!!!! LOL
  3. Cute...congrats on your new addition!!
  4. Nice bag! Congratulations!
  5. Very nice. woot woot!:tup:
  6. CONGRATS, She is a beauty!!!
  7. Oh I have that purse and LOVE IT!!!

    You're going to love it too! :woohoo:
  8. Congragulations, I sooo like this bag. Do yo have any modeling pictures???
  9. Congrats! I really love ergos.
  10. OOh Congrats! I tried this bag on today at the store while I was shopping for a b-day party I have to attend tomorrow and I love it too!!! I love ergos!!!
  11. Thank you lovely gals! I'm totally loving this new ergo!! And I'm so glad I got it in black! I've been needing a simple black bag! ^^;


    ^^; Added a scarf that I wrapped a little bit around the handle to give it less length hanging off of it.. and did a simpleknot. :biggrin:
  12. Super cute! Congrats!
  13. oh wow you got the mini me ergo version!!
  14. LOVELY!!! Scarf looks great too!
  15. Congratulations on your new purse! That scarf looks great on it!:tup: