I Got It I Got It And I Love It!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Hey Girls My Fendi Cognoc Spy Arrived Today From Holt Renfrew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Looky Look! Its Gorgeous It Looks And Feel Awesome In Person!!!!
  2. Congratulations and Enjoy:p
  3. I Can't Upload My Pic Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  4. Pics!! Pics!!! pics!!!!!:nuts:

  5. Ooh, that's exciting! Enjoy that beautiful bag!!!
  6. Wow, Moe! Which Holt's did you get it from? I can't wait to see your photos. And congratulations -- it's definitely an exciting new purchase!
  7. Congrats Moe!! and enjoy your bag! Post pics please..
  8. yaaaaaaay!! lots of big news today in PF:biggrin:
    cOnGrAaaaa:nuts: aaaaaaaaa:nuts: aaaaaaaaaa:nuts: aaaaaaatS moe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:biggrin:
    OMG a sPy!!!!!:love: cant wait to see pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!:amuse: