I got it! :) Black Neo Cabby (and modeling pics!)

  1. Thank you all for replying to my thread about deciding which bag to get! Your suggestions are always helpful!

    I returned the defective gold cosmetic case :sad: but came home with the black Neo Cabby MM! I modeled the GM and the MM for what seemed to me like a loooong time, but my new SA (at my new store!) was very patient with me and gave me advice, too. I really wanted to love the GM, but it was too LONG for my petite frame -- I'd love it if it were the same width, but shorter. So I got the MM instead, and LOVE it! I'm thinking of pairing it with my Pomme or Violet heart!

    Here are some modeling photos -- not sure why they turned out grainy. Excuse my silly grin and messy room!



    blackneocabby1.jpg blackneocabby2.jpg blackneocabby3.jpg
  2. GORGOURS bag...and fit ya..:tup:
  3. Peach you are so cute!! The bag looks great on you, especially with your outfit. Congrats!! What a lovely bag:tup:
  4. very cute! looks great on you!
  5. My favorite Denim bag!

    I love your hair... and you call thata messy room? HA! you don't want to see mine then
  6. yay peach! gorgeous ... she looks great on you, congrats!

    yes ... the Pomme or Violet Heart would look awesome with it!
  7. looks adorable on you!
  8. looks great on you! congrats!!!
  9. Looks great on you, congrats :nuts:
  10. Congratz! Nice modelling pics!! Thx god you didn't tease us like the other thread... which was dreading!! Ahh, and I see your neverfull on the floor in the background. Great taste!! :smile:
  11. WOW, you guys reply FAST! Thank you so much for your compliments!

    betty, thank you! You are so sweet! Your kitty is SO cute btw...! She/he looks young!

    Matt, thanks! :smile: I swore to myself I'd clean today...hehe!

    SweetPurple, thank you for helping me choose! I'm excited to use my hearts...I need to use them somehow!
  12. Congratulations on your new bag! She looks so great on you.
  13. Congrats, it looks really good on you!!! :tup:
  14. GREAT eye! My poor Neverfull is always taking a beating...she is so useful. I don't like to be teased to I never tease! ;)
  15. Beautiful bag. It looks great on you.