I got invited!!!

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  1. Hi All!
    I know I've been away...but for good reason! Been interviewing like crazy for a new job and fortunately I've been able to find some freelance work in the city for now :smile:
    Anyway, I just wanted to share more excitement with you...
    I got invited to my first LV event!!! Aaaaaaaaa!!! :yahoo:
    I cannot believe it! It's in 2 weeks and I am so excited! :nuts:...Now what am I going to wear?! :biggrin:
  2. Nothing! Just your Black MC Speedy! :P

    Congrats! What event is it? Its too small for me to read.

    What kind of work are you doing?
  3. woo hoo!!! :yahoo: you must let us know all the goodies they show! ugh i'm still peeved at my mom that she hasn't gone to any that she's been invited to.
  4. Awesome Michelle! Wohoo. Congrats on the freelance work. :smile: When will we see each other again?
  5. :love: thank you!! its @ neiman's, featuring "white hot summer." i'm a graphic artist, arnott :smile:
    hi jo. hope to hang out again soon! i am trying to land a FT job so when i do, i'd love to go shopping with you guys hehe
  6. Congrats!!
  7. thanks rebecca :smile:
  8. Congrats! I'm soooo jealous! (not that I'd even be able to go to any events my store might have considering it's an ocean away :P)
  9. You should wear: Black MC Speedy, Sweet Monogram Earrings, and Pink mother of pearl toywatch! :okay:
  10. ah i like it! :smile:
  11. congrats on the work! enjoy the champagne!
  12. Yay! Congrats Michelle! Have fun and good luck with the job :smile:
  13. How cool!! Can't wait to hear your report afterwards! :yes:
  14. Have a great time:heart:
  15. Congrats on the job and the invite! :smile: