I Got Interesting Information Directly From Moni Moni About Their Leather!

  1. I know it's been a mystery to us all contemplating the whole Paris Hilton wearing that huge white Moni Splendor only to order it and have it appear to have shrunk in the wash! So I emailed the company directly and found out the most amazing thing! Basically what they said is that the white leathers (vanilla etc.) are not treated and therefore not washed! It's the colored leathers when they're tinted, get washed and therefore shrink! Brilliant! It's like a pair of cotton pants!
    So guys, I think that pretty much solves the mystery, don't you think? Wow. That's why! :yes::upsidedown:
  2. I wonder if the white bags are free from wrinkles Why do they only wash some colors?
  3. So That's why when I bought mine (based on Paris's picture) that I was so disappointed. Mine was so permanently wrinkled. I understand about unfinished leathe rbut this bag was too raw for me. Paris's bag didn't seem as raw.
  4. That is cool, I was wondering why that pic of hers looked so different.
  5. haah OOO thats pretty interesting :smile: my olive one certainly is a shrunken version of paris's but MAN i love it! :smile:
  6. You mean Paris' bag wasn't different because it's PARIS'?! So tired of her.

    Interesting info though!
  7. Huh...I don't think I've ever seen a white Splendor other than that Paris pic, either. There's a cream one, but it's more of an off-white.
  8. interesting- I realllllllllyyyyy wish moni moni would do versions of their bags that were not in the washed leather. generaly, i like washed/tumbled leather, but their version is just WAY too much for me. I think they do it to the point where it devalues the bag, ya know? its like it is already beat up, a little dirty, and worn right when you get it. if they did the splendor in leather that was more like marc by marc jacobs or bulga I would TOTALLY be all over it bc the style is SOOOOO cute!
  9. ^You might be interested in Hayden-Harnett's Pallenberg duffel, then. It's virtually the same as the Splendor, only with smoother leather:


    They might have it during next Tuesday's sample sale.