I got in a car accident!! :-((

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  1. So I took my sister to work at around 5pm when I went to go straight into the Sonic parking lot and ended up getting into an accident with my sister. The car slammed into the passenger side throwing my sister up on me and me on the door and the steering wheel. It was THE SCARIEST thing i have ever gone through! They took us to the emergency room and we got a clean bill of health except i had some minor injuries to my shoulder and neck. Nothing serious, thank God!! My sister is good too...

    Just wanted to vent because im still veeeery anxious and shaken up...now i dont have my car and im going to have to go through insurance...augh
  2. Ugh I'm so sorry but at least you and your sister are alright! (I'd cry my eyes out if someone damaged my car!)
  3. I am glad you are OK.

    I almost got into a (not serious) accident today too...soo scary!
  4. Glad you both Ok but that is really annoying, can the car that hit you not fix? Why do you have to put damage through insurance?
  5. I'm sorry this happened! Glad you and your sister are OK though!
  6. It is scary, good thing you both were not hurt badly.
  7. Sounds like she turned into oncoming traffic ( a t-bone). Socal - PLEASE correct me if I'm wrong!! Just reliving my experience! :smile: Anyhow - this is easy to do if that traffic is not visible to the driver - I did this before in a two seater.. all my fault. Luckily I had no passenger so there is that.

    Socal - glad to hear you and your sister are OK!!! The insurance thing will work itself out and you will have a car back eventually. :yes: Check to see if your insurance has rental coverage. That should get you back on the road quicker. Again, glad to hear you all are not harmed! That is the most important.
  8. I'm sorry to hear about the accident, but so glad that both you and your sister are all right! :heart:
  9. I am very glad that you and your sister are alright. Be careful. :smile:
  10. I'm so glad that you're okay!
  11. Thanks guys for your support! Im feeling VEEEERY sore but nothing bad. Thank God! Yes, Christine, you're right and while it is my fault it still sucks u know? I have extra coverage through my car dealer financing so we'll see how everything goes...i will keep u all updated. :-]]
  12. sorry to hear about the accident but thank goodness you and your sister are doing fine.
  13. I'm glad to hear that you're ok! Good luck with your insurance, and keep us updated.
  14. Glad to hear you and your sister are okay.
  15. that's awful! no matter how careful you are, there are always jerks out there. I'm glad you're ok! Last sunday I got hit by a drunk driver... talk about a moral dilemma.