I got hit with the Groovy bug!!

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  1. Ok, I have to admit, I was not a big fan of Poppy at first. The only thing that caught my eye was the Tartan plaid.. so cute.. but wasn't sure if I could pull off the big spotlight bag. Anyways, after seeing some Groovy's on here I decided to check out the stuff more closely. I went yesterday morning and saw the gray one.. but it had ink marks all on the back. It was the only one. I have been wanting a swingpack for my trip and the actual swingpacks don't hold much. To my delight the inside of this is a long detachable strap to wear crossbody!! I was able to get the SA to call around some local outlets and she found one. They even approved to do a charge send!! So this one is on the fedex truck!! (I had to snap a pic while it was on the counter so I wouldn't miss it :P)


    Then today, like a stalker, I went back to the outlet and was super giddy when I found the Tartan Groovy!! and Tattersall Cashmere muffler/scarf!! It's like Christmas in January!! I've been wanting that muffler but didn't want to pay full price. $55 for the muffler!!
    Now I have 2 Groovy's!!! Ekk, I really try not to have multiples...but oh well.:yahoo:OMG, just tell me to KEEP both and I WILL!!
    Oh I found the 24x24 tartan scarf like 2 weeks ago. It's kinda small, but I can just barely tie it around my neck. :nuts:
  2. lovely! I have it in black and silver "c"
  3. Omg those are so cute!! I don't like the poppy either, buy those are really nice! :biggrin:
  4. Great buy Q Luv.
  5. LOVE the tartan groovy!
    i got one today in pink patent!

    i was never too into poppy either! but i got the groovy and a glam tote too!
    and i got a tartan wristlet!
  6. I LOVE the tartan!! Great buys!
  7. bagloverburr- I think I saw that one at Macy's!! Love the silver on it!

    spoiledroyalty, momofgirls, ghall, Stacee -thanks! I can't wait to use them!!
  8. Those are super cute! Congrats!
  9. i love both those groovys awesome job
  10. That tartan groovy is just adorable! great finds!!
  11. Love the groovy..I have black patent and the pink tartan, with the matching fiona boots/shoes...Love the red tartan and matching scarf...Great choices..Enjoy
  12. congrats!!
  13. Love the Groovys! It is a great bag, so multiples are good ;) I too, have the black and silver one...it is lurex. I am really thinking on getting another one too! Congrats!!
  14. They look so TOTALLY different, it's not even like you have doubles!! ENJOY THEM BOTH!!
  15. I love the tartan groovy! How much did you end up paying for it?