I got hired!!! Woo!!!

  1. Hello all! I know I NEVER visit this side of the forum. [I'm mainly in LV ] Anywho... just wanted to start by saying hi to you all!

    I dropped off my application at Coach at a mall nearby about a week ago. I was called for a first interview last Friday, and was called back for a second interview this past Monday. The manager who interviewed me said she was going to run a background check and get back to me on Friday (today). I got a phone call at around lunch time and it was the lady who gave me my second interview. She said that I was hired!!!!!! I am going in for training on Sunday... I'm so super excited!!!!!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:This is great too... just in time for my b-day! :nuts:

    I don't know much at all about Coach, but it's all a learning experience. If I want to work at LV someday, which I hope to, having a few years of retail experience would look good on that app. I'll be working as a sales associate, so hopefully you Houstonian PF'ers can come by and visit me! :yahoo: (At the First Colony Mall in Sugarland)

    I hope to visit this subforum more often once I get more and more into Coach! :tup:
  2. Awwwww....John,
    I never visit here either, but I saw your post, and I wanted to congratulate you !!!!! CONGRATS!!!! I'm sure in no time you will also do the authenticating for Coach, lol.....
  3. Woo! Congrats on getting the great job!
    (which I aspire to be someday...)
  4. Congratulations John! :woohoo:
  5. Congrats John!!! You'll be a great person and an asset to Coach!!! WOW! I'm so happy for you!
  6. congrats...should be a fun job!!!
  7. Congrats! You will probably be visiting the Coach forum more now with exciting news and updates - Right?:graucho:
  8. CONGRATS JOHN!! :yahoo:

    Looking forward to seeing you more on the Coach forum too even though I split my time on tPF between here and LV :p

    Good luck with the new job!
  9. Congrats John! :woohoo: If I am ever at First Colony Mall I will be seeing you at Coach! I normally go to Willowbrook or The Woodlands, but hey you never know!

    Please try to give us the skinny on Coach when you can!
  10. Congrats John!
  11. congrats!

    we crave updates BTW...lol!
  12. Congratulations! Maybe we will be seeing you over here more often!
  13. congrats! i ALWAYS see you on the LV subforum! its weird seeing you in the coach one. lol, but congrats! be patient. someday, you'll be posting in the LV subforum, saying you were hired to work for LV!
  14. :drinkup: CHEERS TO YOU! Congrats on the new job!

    Yippee - another great SA to give "insider tips" :graucho:
  15. John you are so gonna rock being the SA!! And I *know* someday down the road you will be at LV, makes me wish I was in TX.

    Good luck. I've worked in retail since 1991, and while it has it's moments, most of the time its a very fun and rewarding job!