I got Hannah tickets.................

  1. I was praying I could and it worked out...... I was able to get 4 Hannah Montana tickets for Atlantic City for my daughter this morning. They were hard to get, first I tried for floor seats and the computer locked up due to security cookies and I did not know how to get back in to the site and had to get my husband out of the shower.....then I had to start over and tried for section one-no such luck--then section 2 (upper balcony) and got 4..... These are not the seats my sister wanted but they are Hannah tickets and that is all that matters. My neighbor could only get 2 tickets (she wanted 4) but got good seats in the front row of section 1 balcony........
    It is insane--the tickets sold out in about 10 minutes--maybe less. If one looks on eBay and sees what the tickets are selling for it is crazy. I can't belive people are buying them for those prices----heck you can buy a Chanel bag for the price of 2 tickets off eBay.
    Hope others are lucky enough to get them. .
  2. My goodness! Had no clue Hannah Montana was that popular :s
  3. YAY! hope you have a great time.
  4. You are lucky. My sister searched eBay the day after they came out so she could take my neice. She said they were around 300$/ticket. That blew my mind for a kids concert!!!
  5. I have the feeling your daughter is not in the 12-ish area. If she were, you, like me, would not be able to get that darn Hannah Montana theme song out of your head :cursing: Don't worry though, your day will come!! :push:
  6. My daughter knows every word to every Hannah song and will sing them all day long...... I don't mind..... It's better tham Barney---I remember when my son was 3 and listening to Barney on TV......UGH.
  7. Hannah Montana is my guilty pleasure. Whenever I'm channel surfing and it's on, I can't help but watch. That theme song is so catchy.
  8. ok I am 34 and Hannah is def a show we watch in my house. Her show is funny and my kids like watching it so I usually will watch it w/them along w/the suite life of zack & cody and drake & josh.
  9. YAY!!! my 2 sisters and I are taking my niece to her 1st concert-Hannah Montana. She is 7 and can hardly wait. Even I'm getting excited to see my little sweeties face when she sees Hannah on stage. The tickets sold out FAST here so we had to go to e-bay, I figured if we're paying alot we're sitting up close, and we are.:yahoo::yahoo: