I Got Grease on a Brand New Tan Leather Bag! HELP!


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Mar 31, 2010
Washington DC
I bought a beautiful tan leather Linea Pelle bag in December, and I just pulled it out for spring. I picked up a piece of pizza for dinner a few nights ago, and the pizza place put it in a paper bag. I put the pizza on the seat of my car, and without thinking, tossed my beautiful new purse on top of it. Long story short, pizza grease bled through the paper bag and onto my purse, and now there are four grease stains -- they're dark and quite obvious. I emailed the company, and they gave me the link to this website...I have no idea what to do! I'm terrified to try and clean it myself and I don't know how to find a good leather cleaner. Does anyone have any thoughts?


Dec 7, 2008
Oh no I completely feel for you!! I had an experience with milk and a leather purse...not fun!!

I would personally find a professional leather cleaner asap, I see youre in the US, I think a lot of girls use Lovinmybags but you will get a lot more advice from girls in the US. I sent mine off to a UK professional company and got amazing results so I hope you can achieve the same!!

Hope you get a response soon from someone. In the meantime dont stress too much, cross your fingers and please let us know the results!!!!