I got "gook" on my pheobe...

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  1. I got this large black smudge on my oak phoebe....I've tried everything....I guess I'm going to have to use her a lot now to try and make the smudge blend in....


    (That smiley is gross.but I just HAD to use it...)
  2. what is the smudge ?
  3. Oh no! Do you know what the smudge is from? Would it be worthwhile spraying the area heavily with Collonil and rubbing the spot out?
  4. That's the problem...I have no idea...it's black and smear-y...if that is a word....I'll try and take a pic later...but I've been rubbing and rubbing and rubbing and it only seems to make it darker and larger.
  5. Oh dear, that doesn't sound good. Where were you when you noticed it? It sounds like tar to be honest, you know, the stuff they put on the roads.
  6. I think my daughter moved my bag when she got in the car and placed it on the floor by her feet.. (GASP!!!) So whatever was on that floor mat...got on Phoebe....
  7. It could be anything! Motor oil? Eek!!!!
  8. I got something on my effie and used a dampened Mr. Clean magic eraser. Went over a part to see if it would work and it did. Be careful trying this- you know your letter better.
  9. Hey, that's an idea....I'll give it a try.